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What exactly is Touch4Wash?

What is the difference between the Touch4Wash Control Center and the Interface Module?

What are the wiring requirements to install Touch4Wash?

What are the dimensions of the Touch4Wash Control Center?

What are the dimensions of the Touch4Wash Interface Module?

How do the Touch4Wash Certificates work?

How does the Touch4Wash Web Portal work?

Can Touch4Wash use a wireless internet service?

Do I need to change my current pay stations to use the Touch4Wash service?

Is Touch4Wash credit card processing PCI compliant?

Watch just how easy it is to use the Touch4Wash system

Watch our Touch4Wash Process overview video

Watch our Touch4Wash Certificates video

Watch our Touch4Wash Web Portal video

Watch our Touch4Wash Interface Module video

Watch our Touch4Wash Service overview video

Watch our Touch4Wash Control Center install video

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